Is homework a punishment?

As postulated by McGregor in his Theory of X and Y, it is explained that employees in Theory X do not like to work except reward such as promotions, bonuses, fringe benefits etc. are attached to such work as motivation. An average employee will want office work to stop at the work environment. No one loves to take office work home, unless if such individual is due for promotion and needs to work beyond business hours or even on weekends to show he or she is worthy of such an opportunity. In the same similitude, an average school child would not want to spend long hours at school and come back home to continue school work. He will want to switch from school work to be free to do other enriching activities.

The Origin of Homework

Have you ever thought of how homework came to being? Nothing appears from nowhere without inventions.

Taking schoolwork home started in the 20th century. Before that period, there is nothing like homework, school work end in the school environment. Children resume back to school the following day to continue from where they stopped the previous day.

Subsequently, when homework started, it was believed that homework was given to punish children who misbehaved or did not do or complete their works in class. But now, it is universally accepted and adopted irrespective of the behavior variations of school children.

It is reported that the human mind is like a muscle that can get strengthened with mental exercises. Hence, homework is given to children to take home so that they can improve their minds mentally and academically. However, no matter what truths are told about homework, most school children do not like it. The few who like it do it out of choice and love, not because they are compelled.


Some children will weep when their parents go to drop them at school. Some will lie to their parents; they are a bit indisposed to avoid going to school. Some children are forced to go to school, and for the fact that they go to school five days a week for a minimum of six hours each day, giving them homework to spend extra hours on, at home, looks absurd to me.

Research has shown the relationship between homework and student achievement. However, the study does not consider children’s performance if they are given an hour from school time to do their homework to be the same with or better than their performance when they take school work home. Homework deprives children of fun and freedom to do other challenging and enriching activities. And if children can’t cope with homework well, they will be struggling with tests and exams. So it is recommended to order exam help by experts in any subject your kid is feeling weak. Therefore, it is opinionated that homework should not be given to children and that parents should decide how their children spend their time at home. Also, if homework will be given at all, it should not be one that burdens children and turn them into overworked machines rather than children.

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