The importance of anything will be relevant if the purpose is understood, and the right principles and methods are applied. Without this, potential growth will remain a consistent cycle of failure or stagnancy.

Some researchers have argued that homework is arbitrary most times, and is time-consuming. The ineffectiveness of homework can be traced to the absence of purpose by the teachers. To achieve incredible academic performance, the teacher must enhance the student’s confidence and innovate quality means of learning.

In a situation where the majority of the students are economically disadvantaged, it is still possible to help them achieve high test scores, with hard work and assistance of the best homework help websites. The teacher must also assign creative and engaging homework to the students to facilitate learning. The following are reasons homework is essential:

  • It helps to build a parent-child relationship, helping to form a strong bond within the family. As parents guide their kids through their homework, they have the opportunity to train them and build their cognitive ability.
  • It also helps the teacher to understand student’s ability and background better, strengths and weaknesses, how their family influence their behavior, and lots more.
  • Homework helps students develop skills and lessons taught in class and also helps them prepare for future topics.
  • It also helps students become independent and disciplined. This is because, at home, they are no longer under the influence/guidance of their teachers. Hence, they rely on their instinct and knowledge they have retained in class.
  • It helps students develop grit and take responsibility when given more significant tasks.
  • It helps parents to effectively evaluate their child’s performance and seek out help, where need be.
  • Homework helps students link what is they learned in class to real-life situations. This allows for the application of knowledge acquired, and students can catch fun while doing this.
  • It helps students gain mastery of what they learn in class. They can comprehend better, recognize recently solved problems, and practice what they learn in class.
  • Homework gives students enough time to process new information, meditate, and repeat until it becomes familiar. Students can discover new things through homework assigned to them. The type of homework a teacher gives his students will also determine its effectiveness. If it is innovative, purposeful, and brief, it will yield an incredible result, but if it is otherwise, the opposite will be the case.

You may have noticed that in all of the benefits we have stated, grades do not come up, not even once! This is an indication that our reasons for giving students homework revolve around learning objectives. The students’ final grades are indicators of how effective our teaching methods are.